Welcome to The Support System

Transcend. Transform. Inspire. Uplift.

Led by Sheri Salata (former Executive Producer of the Oprah Show and best-selling author) The Support System provides the guidance, tools + support you need to help you finally step into the life of your dream.

“I founded The Support System because I need a place to check in each day where the conversation is about possibilities, manifesting new dreams + upliftment. I want to surround myself with people who are ready to live their most upleveled life + want to support me in doing the same. I want to keep learning + growing. I want the full on joy ride.”


Because most of us are not as happy or fulfilled as we should be. We are stuck in place looking at possibly decades more of life without a plan of how to redirect things. How to re-vision the possibilities for ourselves. Maybe we secretly believe we can’t be more successful, experience more abundance, more love, more joy, more fun.  So how do we release all those old stories that hold us back and get excited about some new dreams?</>

Through The Power Of Signature Workshops + Expert Led Masterclasses + Loving Community, We Are Making Real
Progress On New Dreams. Together

Finally feeling at home in your body, once and for all

Being seen + feeling known 

 Stepping out from behind the scenes of your life

Manifesting financial abundance

 Finding your purpose in life

Building your own business + designing meaningful, invigorating work

Creating honest + fulfilling friendships

 Making intimacy a priority again

Deepening your spiritual connection

Fearlessly creating your life experience + cultivating confidence

Building the daily, weekly + monthly practices that lay the foundation for your dream life

We are seeing members literally carve out bold new joyous
paths for themselves right before our eyes.

“I have gone from sitting on my couch at this time last year, to recreating myself and my business, to traveling to Sweden last week to work with a global brand and agency on a worldwide multi year marketing campaign....and this is just the start. I am running with glee to keep up with the work that I am aligning with the universe to create. I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. Blessings are flowing to me. I am over 50 years old and I am doing things I have never done before. Thank you Sheri Salata and Team Sheri....life is beautiful!”

— Marsha L.  Founding Member ~ The Support System

Monthly LIVE Workshop with founder Sheri Salata, focusing
on the theme of the month. We'll be face-to-face on zoom!

Monthly LIVE Workshops where you participate with world renowned thought leaders + celebrity experts like Martha Beck, Cathy Heller, Dr. Shefali, Mark Groves, and so many more!

Mindfulness + healing + spiritual connection workshops led by world-class healers
where you’ll experience transformational breathwork, meditation, reiki, and more!

A Library of life-changing classes like - ”Build A New Vision for Your Life”, “The 30 Day Appreciation Challenge”, “Living and Working on Purpose”, “Intentional Journeys”

The “I Love Myself Most ~ Body Journey” where we share our journeys with health, food, fitness + body love.

The Weekly Gathering where we come together for a weekly LIVE session with Lead Mentor, Courtney Horvath + community co-host Donna-Lisa Valencia  so you can stay accountable + on track.

Our Bi-Monthly Book Club, hosted every 6-8 weeks where we’re joined by renowned authors who provide new perspectives to help enrich + inspire our life experience.

The Writers Circle where you’ll receive feedback and support on your writing journey, whether you’re  working on personal blogging, memoir writing, or just writing for yourself.

The DreamWork Circle where members share their expertise in launching small businesses, building start-ups, or even just considering new careers.

Daily sharing through posts + photos that keep the transformation conversation a top priority for everyone.

Cultivate soulmate friendships that last a lifetime with people who share your passion for living the path of transformation.

Sheri Salata is a self-proclaimed transformation doula, professional story-teller and world-class producer. She is the founder + CEO of The Support System, a private membership group for awesome women dedicated to creating real life transformation and Salata + Co, her personal development company offering acclaimed courses + retreats around the world. Her memoir, The Beautiful No: And Other Tales of Trial, Transcendence and Transformation, is an Amazon Editor's Choice Best Memoir and an Apple Must-Listen audio book. 

Sheri spent 20 years in the land of Oprah finishing that glorious run as the final Executive Producer of The Oprah Winfrey Show, President of Harpo Studios and President of OWN as captured in the cable hit series Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes.

She spends her time today manifesting the life of her dreams, appreciating every minute of the joy ride she’s creating + calling in what’s next.